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We are looking to hire an Acquisition Ambassador to attract new service providers to our Canadian, female-led tech start-up.
Our Acquisition Ambassador will be our virtual representative in core cities across the country helping future Talent learn more
about our platform and our brand. This role requires someone with remote work experience, who is self-motivated to deliver
results and can work at a frenzy pace without needing ongoing supervision. This Ambassador role is an amazing opportunity for
continued development in the digital marketing and social media space, especially for those Applicants interested in expanding
their sales and marketing skills.

Responsibilities include:

• the development of concepts, creating plans, executing unique online content within the parameters of our corporate
structure to target future talent
• leveraging local digital partnerships, vendors, and contact that could help us successfully spread awareness around
our brand
• connecting with local grassroots talent and related groups most relevant to our brand and strategy
• creating local market communication strategies including measurements of success in coordination with our founders
and in connection with local, regional, and national campaigns
• Working in conjunction with existing sales and marketing strategies to capitalize on existing efforts and to ensure
consistency of our message across new opportunities
• Impeccable, engaging, efficient communication skills both digitally and in person – your writing needs to be contagious!
• While working within our existing team, your ability to fly solo when required is a must
• We are looking for a creative, passionate, out-of-the-box thinker who feels comfortable making quick decisions, keeping
people engaged in conversation and think on their feet – confidence in communication is key.


• 1+ years experience in related field (e.g., sales, marketing)
• Excellent strategy planning and management skills
• Proven ability to succeed while working in the remote environment
• Fluent in English, with additional language skills an advantage
• Passion for the start-up ecosystem, ideally with patience, insight, and ability to offer actionable insights and feedback
directly to the founders.


Tell us how you are:
• Inspiring – you will be in charge of sharing our brand across diverse audiences and cultures
• Organized – you will need strong time management skills, and a proven ability to multitask
• Relatable – you will be the extension of our founding team to all new talent – you will be their gateway into our brand
and culture.
Compensation is based on experience and commitment. A minimum of 10-15 hours are expected weekly, but this is a virtual
position so scheduling is entirely at the discretion of our candidate. This is a remote job opportunity – we are looking for
hard-working, responsible candidates only.

We are open to reviewing applicants from across Canada.

Apply for this position:

[email protected]